Technical Document # - 6304323
Family: Operating Systems
Product: OS/2 Warp
Release: 4.0

Last Updated: 12/16/1997


Drive Not Recognized in FDISK when Both IDE and SCSI Controllers or Drives Are in System


During a network installation, installing to a system with both IDE and SCSI controllers, no drive statistics or partition information is shown during FDISK.
It appears as though the system doesn't recognize that any drives are installed.  Further, if you escape out of install, using F3 for a command prompt (when available), and try to do a DIR on the drives, a message states that
the drive cannot be found.

This problem has been seen on systems with both an Adaptec 1522a SCSI controller with hard disk attached (or any SCSI controller) and any IDE controller with hard disk attached.


Restart the system with the SCSI adapter but do not load the SCSI driver.  

Using only IBMINT13.I13, the system starts up successfully and FDISK works properly for both drives; all geometry information is displayed.  

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Insert the
OS/2 Warp 4 Installation Diskette in drive A: and restart the system.
   Insert Diskettes #1 and #2 when prompted.  At the Welcome screen, press F3 for a
   command prompt.

2. Make a copy of the
OS/2 Warp 4 Diskette #1.  With the disk in the drive, type:


3. On the newly created diskette, edit the CONFIG.SYS:

   Type TEDIT CONFIG.SYS, then press Enter.

4. Press
Esc, then look for the DEVICE= or BASEDEV= statements containing
   the SCSI driver for your controller (AHA152*, for example).
   Place a REM in front of those lines.

5. Be sure the
BASEDEV=IBMINT13.I13 line is present in the file.

6. Save and exit the CONFIG.SYS file, by pressing

7. Restart the system with the diskettes, using the modified Diskette #1

   when prompted for Diskette #1.

FDISK should now report the correct information.

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